Promoting your region with a collective brand name

Collective promotion federates resources and know-how under a common signature. A real tool for promoting the territory, it is also an opportunity for economic and institutional players to rely on the expertise of A3CONSULT, which controls all stages of creating a territorial brand.

Feasibility study

For a detailed analysis of the market and regional parameters

This analysis includes consumers, potential users of the brand (economic or institutional players) and distributors. It is also based on an

understanding of regional issues and strategic priorities for which a shared brand name could be an effective development tool.

Scenario outlook

Considering all opportunities

The construction of several scenarios allows for a more fact based approach and contributes to a better understanding of all parameters of projects or problems solving (financial, economic, market, organizational, step by step projects management …).

We often offer different options for functional mock-up for collective marks, with the advantage of dynamically visualizing the project. This support highlights interactions and flows between structures and players involved in the project.

Action plan

Developing the appropriate strategy

Depending on the selected scenario, A3CONSULT will support the implementation of tailor-made action plans.

Ressources, budget, legal issues and main deadlines. The plan is an important step for your success.

Operational tools

Relying on technical resources for each specified situation

A collective brand approach requires the establishment of a charter of brand values, a clear and adapted legal status,

governance, dispute management and a brand-specific business model.

Give great opportunities to your projects!

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