Building your strategy with a personalized analysis

A3CONSULT supports companies and communities in their co-construction strategy and forward-looking scenarios.

Economic, market and organizational analysis

Identifying the external and internal factors that will influence your environment

A3CONSULT will assess for you the different relevant data allowing you to apply a relevant strategy.

Scenarios outlook

For a more fact-specific situation

The building of several scenarios will make it easier to understand all aspects of specific projects or problems solvings (financial, economic, market, organizational, step by step task analysis…).

Working closely on behalf of the principal

Selecting the most appropriate strategic scenario

This decision making process leads all principals to best define the issues and strategic priorities; for collective projects including several principals we will interact with all of them in order to integrate the largest number of opinions and expertise.

Development of action plans

To structure over time, the steps to be taken

This step will help defining quantitative and qualitative issues and related actions to be carried out. We are always including a financial approach to the 3-year action plan. Stong focus on project financing conditions (external investors, banks, subsidies, crowdfunding …) is also planned.

Give great opportunities to your projects!

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