Acting right by mastering data analysis

To support their decision making process, key players and representatives acting on the market need to rely on an analysis for a better understanding of economic matters and of the market changes going on. A3CONSULT will assist you throughout these steps.

Feasibility study

Assessing the operational requirements for the implementation of the observatory

Before creating your own economic and market track record tools, A3CONSULT carries out a study of the operational requirements: data collection methodology,

tools for the assessment for data analysis, relevance in regard to your expectations, human and financial resources to needed…

Operational implementation of the observatory

Collection methods and tools: mastering and structuring data

Quantitative approach:

  • Collecting data on SQL databases (reliable and standard) allowing stakeholders in line of business or business activity to easily and independently master specific observation tools.
  • Reliability of the data by favoring the remote written statement or the automated transfers of the data and by integrating warning modules.
  • Model trends from statistically representative samples.

Qualitative approach:

  • Leading strategic thinking process with the line of business or business of activity, based on data from economic observatories and markets. Establish forward-looking analysis specifically designed for the line of business or business activity.
  • Producing consumer round tables, producers to validate a positioning, a product strategy, communication media plan…

Processing statistics and writing summery notes: understanding and translating data in facts

A3CONSULT takes advantage of the specific skills of our statisticians to carry out studies and to make a clear picture for your decision making process.

and educational, in the form of dashboards, graphical presentations, cartography or infographic documents.

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