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For individual or collective projects in favor of small and middle size companies, economic interest groups, cooperatives or agencies working on behalf of the government or local public services, A3CONSULT will help you evaluating the feasibility of your project.

You aim to:

  • Assess the opportunities and threats of the targeted strategic market;
  • Understand how the market is structured and what will be the best  positioning and a product strategy;
  • Determine the equilibrium economic potential outcomes of your projects;
  • Identify funding details;
  • Define the steps and ressources needed for the implementation of your projects.

We were appointed by the following entities:

LA SAS SAVOIE ABATTAGE (Slaughter Chambéry)

Feasibility study of a “Pays de Savoie” ground beef production line
Questions asked by Savoie Abattage

What is the potential market for “Pays de Savoie” chopped beef in the catering sector? What are the prequisites for accessing the market and what do operators of the sector expect (skills and material investments) to support the development of the product? Which sizing of the chopped steaks production line is best?

Customer outcomes:

Have market targets, positioning, product strategy and investments for a “Pays de Savoie” chopped beef in catering market.

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SICA des Fermiers Savoyards

Feasibility study for opening and running a local store
Questions asked by the cooperative:

What is the potential market for a local store like the dairy cooperative Gavot-Léman? Which location? Which strategy? What economic balance in launch period and at a ‘cruising pace’?

Customer outcomes:

Having recommendations of market targets, positioning, product strategy and location of the store; developping budgets and a financing plan for the project; advising on  legal issues for  selling in regard to cooperative status.

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