Evaluate the feasibility of your project

How relevant is your project in regard to the market? Is it financially and legally feasible? Is it suitable on an organizational level? A3CONSULT applies a 4-stage approach.


Local benchmarking

Are there other existing similar projects in some nearby areas?

A3CONSULT will carries out a study gathering experiences equivalent to your project in other areas. Identifying the key factors of success is a priority in order to

predict potential outcomes by structuring your project as well as sharing experience with economic players in other non-competing territories.

Market research

Guiding you and highlighting the reality of the market

A3CONSULT will help you assessing qualitatively and quantitatively your perquisites. A3CONSULT will identify the current and future competitive factors influencing  your strategy for positioning of your activity  : product / service range, price policy, distribution channels, communication.

A3CONSULT is using surveys of economic players  for production and distribution.  We will organize ‘round tables’ with consumers (gathering qualitative data for market demands, analyzing economic intelligence, market and statistical issues).

Economic study

Establishing a short-term forecast

For assessing the economic potential outcomes  of your project, A3CONSULT will establish:

  • an income statement (over 3 year period),
  • an annual operating financing table (over 3 year period),
  • a monthly cash flow chart (1st year),
  • a forecast balance sheet.

Legal study

Checking the regulations in force

A3CONSULT will assit you on legal issues that will best suit to your needs,

ressources, governance and the field of activities.

Give great opportunities to your projects!

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