Federate economic and institutional key players

A3CONSULT assists local authorities, regional parks or groups of companies that aim to develop a collective promotion approach in order to promote specific know-how, territories or share common values on a targeted market.

You aim to :

  • Share common know-how and make better use of it for your territory.
  • Organize economic interests with institutional players in your area around a brand name in different fields: agriculture, crafts, industry and tourism.
  • Make better use of a common identity of your territory by setting up collective values with shared promotional tools.

Here are some examples of previous projects :


Feasibility study and operating methods plan for setting up a Promotion Committee for diversification agricultural products (excluding banana and sugar cane) of Martinique.
Questions raised by the Chamber of Agriculture of Martinique:

How could a federative promotional structure be justified and what steps are necessary for diversifying (and export) our local agriculture?

What strategy and what organization for structuring this project would make an effective contribution to the strengthening the diversification of our local agriculture?

What kind of structure would contribute to the development of Martinique’s agriculture with a diversifying’s program and bringing added value for all players in the agricultural sectors?

Customer outcomes:

Strategic directions shared between economic and institutional actors; a functional organization and governance; an economic model and a projected 3 year budget; a detailed roadmap a 3 year time frame.

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A brand for whom? Why ? What values are to be carried out?
Goals :

Put into perspective the positioning of the collective brand and its tasks around strategic issues shared and validated by the project’s stakeholders; build the new brand governance; build the economic model of the project; have a clear and operational roadmap.

Customer outcomes:

Collective brand gathering Savoie’s ambassador products (agricultural, agro-food, artisanal and industrial products): a charter of brand values, a regulation of the use of the brand, a governance organized around a school, a model functional and a 3 year action plan.

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